What sort of system do I need to run the site building and editing system?

  • Operating System: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer v5.5 or above
  • JavaScript: Must be enabled

Please Note:  Any browser or computer type (macs included) may access    your site after it is built, however only Internert Explorer 5.5 or above may be used to build or edit your site (no exceptions!!).  The editing software uses features built into IE which are unique to it and hence it must be used.

Download the SitesAreUs User Manual PDF file by clicking on the link below:

SitesAreUs User Manual Click Here

How Do I resize an Image (picture or graphic) so that it is smaller and appears faster on my website?

The best solution we have found for this process is a program called Easy Thumbnails from Fookes Software of Switzerland.  This little program is completely free and can be downloaded by clicking the link below and follow their installation instructions:

Download Easy Thumbnails Click Here

You must go into the program the first time and set the size of the pictures you wish (640x480, 320x240, etc.) and then close the program and it will remember your setting.  Then go to your picture directory and right click the picture(s) you wish to resize and it will create the resized pictures in this same directory with the same name preceeded with tn_. These tn_ pictures may now be uploaded to your website for insertion into your web pages. You may change the size at any time by going into the resizing program and changing them.  NOTE:  Be sure your picture filenames contain no spaces or special characters other than the underline character ( _ ).  Such as tn_abcfiles.jpg would be a valid filename.  tn_abc files.jpg would not be because of the space character following the abc.

How do I convert my material that I create in MS Word or other word processor to an Adobe .PDF file?

You can use an absolutely free program called PrimoPDF to convert your files by clicking on the link below to download this program.  It is a 10MB download, so if you are on dial-up please realize that it will take awhile.

Click here to download PrimoPDF



SitesAreUs Customer Support Bulletin
Subject: Google Local listing for our customers
Most likely the majority of our retail customers are already listed in google local by virtue of their yellow pages listing or simply the address of their place of business.  However most of them probably have not taken the time or know how to go to google local and sign up for a FREE username/password protected account with which they can add significant additional info about themselves (website address, email address, keywords for search, up to 5 categories of business categories to which they belong).  This one listing update could very well be the most important thing they do besides the website itself, because via this local mechanism google can present to most folks desiring a service or product of the type they offer in their area, will be led directly to our customer's website.  This listing info can take up to 8 weeks for google to insert it into their search index, so they need to sign up ASAP.  Be absolutely sure to enter your website address and your email address !!!
For the sign up procedure go to the link below: 

Also please be aware that at the end of the signup process google will ask you to verify that you are in fact a representative of the business by phone or postcard.  Pick the phone option and you will be given a pin number and told to click on a link when ready, then upon clicking this link google's computer will call the number you have listed as your main business number (within just a few seconds) and ask you to enter the pin number you were given, on the phone and if correct will immediately validate your business entry and you will be able to freely update your business info without the need for validation in the future.










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