About Us

Since 1998 we have been helping large and small businesses all across the country to build,
manage, and host their websites and internet based business operations.

With our 25 plus years of business to business sales, marketing, and advertising experience,
we give your business something unique--a variety of business website designs that have already
been tried and tested so that you get results.

When considering Madison Web Technologies, consider the fact that our expertise is in marketing
and sales, as well as Internet technology. This way you get the best of both worlds.

Thank you in advance for letting us assist in the design of and provide the hosting of your website.


State of the Art  Datacenter

Our dedicated servers are providing your hosting services in a completely state of the art facility built specifically for these purposes.  Over 15,000 accounts are hosted there.   This Datacenter provides a 99.9% Network uptime guarantee, which is what we all expect from our internet services provider, most especially when your  business involves applications like ecommerce or medical information processing.  The information below is provided to familiarize you with the kind of facility in which your applications and data are housed and maintained.  Also we maintain offsite remote backups as well as onsite daily,weekly, monthly account backups of data.

Established, Reliable Network:

Two Full OC3c connections through premium bandwidth providers Savvis/Cable & Wireless and Verio

Dual Cisco GSR 12012 Edge Routers along with multiple 7206 VXR routers

BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol) employed at the network edge for performance and redundant line reliability

Cisco 3550 Catalyst core switches for vlan segmentation and distribution

Hewlett-Packard Procurve rack switches

Network VLan segmented by customer type and use


Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows software and administration support

Advanced networking, firewall and routing support

Robust Electrical System Including:

Incoming commercial power service routed underground to a dedicated transformer

300 kVA Powerware 9315 centralized UPS with redundant battery cabinets

Over 2 hours of UPS runtime on battery backup at current load

313 kVA standby Cummins diesel generator (Automatically activated by transfer switch)

Over 24 hours of runtime on generator before requiring additional fuel at full load

Liebert Precision power distribution unit

UPS full maintenance bypass allows for power upgrades and UPS service without interruption of power to equipment


Complete network IDS (Intrusion Detection System) monitors data and network security transparently through an optical tap

Closed circuit security camera system covering all building and data center entrances along with integrated motion detection systems

Six to eight weeks of security data is retained at all times

Access to facility is restricted to technical staff employees



Building Structure and Floor Plan:

Over 11,000 square feet of available data center and office space

Industry-standard hard floors covered by vinyl tile and overhead wiring systems for better cooling capability and more secure cable infrastructure

Built to surpass local area building codes and seismic requirements

Climate Control:

Multiple Liebert Precision 22 ton up flow air conditioning units (N+1)

Regulates temperature and humidity precisely for optimal server stability

Air filtration systems remove dust and foreign particulates from circulation

Independent compressors and cooling loops enhance redundancy

Capacity for over 120 Tons of Cooling

Finally, if you need any kind of special arrangements or need further information of any kind please contact us.


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